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ATM Full Form: What is the Full Form of ATM

Full Form of ATM: Here in this post we are going to discuss about ATM, ATM Full Form, History of ATM, Types of ATM, Parts of ATM, Functions and advantages of ATM and many more.

ATM Full Form


ATM full form is Automated Teller Machine. ATM is an electronic machine which allows to the customer to withdraw and deposit money. This is an automated banking device which helps the customer as well as bank.

ATM allows to customer fast and self-service like withdrawal or deposit of money, balance check, fund transfer, mini bank statements and many more. In ATM, most of the services are free but for some service like cash withdrawal is chargeable. 

History of ATM

The first ATM was setup in London by the Barclays bank however cash dispenser machine was setup in Japan in 1960. The first online ATM machine was setup in Sweden in 1968. Later in 1970 interbank communication network was setup which allow the customer of one bank to withdraw money from the other bank ATM

After invention within few years ATM machine spread all other the world. The first ATM machine in India was setup by HSBC in Mumbai in 1987 and in next 12 years 1500 in ATM machine was setup all over the India.

Types of ATM

There are two different types of ATM machine which are as follow:-

Basic ATM machine which allow the customer to withdraw money from their account and check account balance.

Advance ATM machine which allow the customer to deposit cash, balance transfer, mini statement in addition to withdraw money from their account and check account balance.

Parts of ATM

Card reader

Card reader read the stored data in the chip in front of magnetic strip of ATM card. This magnetic strip located in the back side of ATM card. Whenever we put our ATM card in ATM machine, machine read the chip and identifies the customer name, account number, account balance etc.


Keypad is a hardware which is used to operate the ATM machine. By using ATM card we request our need to the machine like, cash amount, mini statement, account number, PIN enter etc.


Display helps us to read the details related to our account and our request, like customer name, amount requested, account number, account balance etc.


Printer is an inbuilt printing device which is use to print mini statement or amount of cash withdrawal and balance left.

Cash dispenser

Cash dispenser is an output tool which manages the cash requested. Whenever a customer withdraw money from ATM, card reader first check the details of customer and then cash dispenser count the exact amount and draw out of the ATM machine.


There is a camera on the top of ATM machine which is used for the security purpose and identify the person withdrawing the cash from ATM machine.


Speaker is a device use to generate audio of the entered data.

Functions of ATM

  • Withdrawal of cash
  • Deposit of cash
  • Transfer of cash
  • Account detail
  • Mini statement
  • Change of pin code
  • Generate new pin code
  • Payment of the bills
  • Account balance details
  • Mobile recharge

Advantages of ATM

  • 24*7 services available
  • Fast and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Transaction without any error

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